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Camden, New Jersey
About Me:
I had been involved with the Companions of Vincent for about twelve years. Currently, I am with the Ignatian Volunteer Core working with Immigrants and Refugees in the Camden, New Jersey area. I am a retired finance/IT officer with the City of Philadelphia. I still very much enjoy working with one Vincentian Father, Rev. Thomas Krafinski, C.M.. He and I are planning to write a manual about Church Community Renewals/Reconfiguring.

It is hard to fully absorb the charism. Yet, trying to help is gratifying. For more of my personal background google: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Urban Studies Alumni, George J. Whelan.

There are a number of lay groups such as the Companions or the Ignatian Volunteer Core who can do things at their own initiative or participate with vowed members when invited. For example, I was part of the Provincial Renewal Team assisting St. Edmunds parish in Brooklyn, New York in preparing a Diocesan mandated strategic plan. Along with Fr. Thomas Krafinski, C.M. and others on the team, we did a full scale parish renewal during Lent of 08.

Before retiring, I helped a little with a merger process of two parishes in the City of Trenton, New Jersey. On 12/21/08 I attended the closing ceremony of the old physical plant of a Divine Word Fathers parish. Bishop Smith presided at the 11:00 A.M. Liturgy. It was very sad. The merged parish is not far away. Fr. Edward Tetti, S.V.D., from Africa is the pastor.

There was an active San’ Egido group at St. Joseph’s seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. Fr. Francis Sacks, C.M. and others had prayer services on Friday evenings. I participated and shared some of the Companions literature, etc.. On the first Sunday of the month we visited a local nursing home. Following the visit, we had liturgy and/or enjoy a meal together. Others in the group meet every Friday evening for prayer.

The Companions group is continuing with a new liaison, Fr. Astor Rodriquez, C.M. who is stationed at St. John’s parish in Brooklyn, New York.


My Ministry/Interests

Google: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, George J. Whelan, Alumni, Urban Studies Program,

Writing, administration, teaching, social work (Ignatian Volunteer Core), and net working.